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First of all the numerations in hadith books have been made by editors so each Edition might use a different numbers for the same hadith. Also note that some hadith books have been rearranged by commentators so each commentator would follow his own numeration. Secondly you may find in Sahih al-Bukhari at least two narrations on the authority of 'Aishah ...


Note that numbers are a poor reference for ahadith as they differ with the publication. Also it is difficult to find something in the Musnad from translation of the content alone. Possibly you are referring to this hadith: عن معاذ قال: عهد إلينا رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم في خمس من فعل منهن كان ضامنا على الله: من عاد مريضا، أو خرج مع جنازة، أو خرج ...


You would find most of the reference in the Prophet prayer described by Sheikh Al-Albani

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