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Lying is Haraam. Find better friends who respect your privacy and who do not interrogate you. I am not sure anyone who acts this way can be called a friend. One needs to please Allah instead of the creation. In any case one should never confess or advertise any immoral acts or sins they may have committed to others. Seek forgiveness from Allah and spend your ...


There is no confusion between Woman and Music. It is same as physical music. If its ringing in your head, it's more bad. I know this because the feeling of Music is haram and the ringing is Shaytan calling you to do sin.


In case of inheritance for example a slave (or more) could be part of the shares of multiple heirs. The same may happen in case of a business with partners. In such a case it is not permissible for any of the owners to have intercourse with a concubine as none of them has an exclusive ownership and sharing her would be equal to practicing fornication or ...


Apparently, I heard that they're weak.


What’s so haram about it. It’s just a logo


Yes, this is the ruling according to the majority, including the four sunni madhabs. However there are also other madhabs, for example refer to islamqa and al-islam. As for the majority opinion, this is because the lineage of an illegitimate child is proven to its mother but not its father. And inheritance is due to lineage. One can not inherit from someone ...


in your question scenario, You know this that it will contain entertainment(music & songs) content.. In one word It’s Haram If you think it this way, You will find the answer In general sense , if someone mix beer with water , will it be halal ? In Quran And do not mix the truth with falsehood or conceal the truth while you know [it]. Al-Baqara 2 : 42 ...


Wa aleikom assalam. In which country do do you live? Perhaps you can gather some snow and keep it in the house during the night so it melts?

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