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No one can know for sure why Allah forbids this and allows this except if He tells us. There is no such explanation by Allah for why pork is forbidden or beef is allowed. As Muslims, we follow the commands of Allah. And Allah knows best. Allah says: It is not for a believing man or a believing woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter, that ...


The Islamic view on profit margins is that it should be fair. More widely, it's concerned about fairly sharing the burden of risk in any business venture. How this should be interpreted will depend on the market you are working in and also upon the wider economy and also commercial law and obviously, your own inclinations and those of any partners that you ...


There is no such things as maximum profit achievable. However, if you sell a pen for 10 dollars and someone else sells it for 1, people will not buy from you so I think prices are set based on many factors.


In the US it is common to say 'Happy Holidays' rather than Merry Christmas or Happy New Year. This practice became common because of the influence of the Jewish population, who like us, also cannot express wishes for festivals of others faiths such as Christian festivals.


Fatwa clearly states that Only a Muslim ruler or his deputy is entitled to execute the Hudud If a Muslim ruler is not available, Hudud must not be executed.

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