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Counter-argument to Jesus being the God-Man?

God is not a Schrödinger’sGod. If God was a Schrödinger’sGod then God would have been Dead and Alive, Nescient and Omniscient at the same time.Additionally it is a Contradiction and God is beyond ...
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Can Allah (the Holy) have a son without a partner?

You can read answer to related question here Why can't there be a son without a spouse? (Verse 6:101) In addition, you said "Therefore, in order to have a son and Allah, it is not necessary ...
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Islam as rational monotheism

Thanks for your question. What I understand is Jews believe in Moses and prophets before him and what was reveiled to Moses, that is torah. But when they transgressed and didn't follow the follow ...
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Does the incompatible notions of theology in islam and christianity resolve the differences or aggravate them. How can one judge right or wrong?

As Muslims, we believe in the importance of respecting and understanding the beliefs of others. It is true that there are differences between Islamic and Christian doctrines, as each religion has its ...
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End purpose of Islam

Peace is a middle purpose and the end purpose is to at least one human know and meet Allah. Quran does not state the end purpose of Islam is peace. peace among believers is needed as a means to Allah ...
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