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It is true and if you ask the mystics or the perfect examples of Islamic worship, they would tell you that they desire dua and acts of worship in general mostly for their intrinsic value, as they invoke Divine mercy (رحمة) and result in purification (صفاء) of the soul, which in turn brings about joy (بهجة) and tranquility (اطمینان). In other words, what is ...


Firstly, dreams are of 3 types. 1. Glad tidings from Allah. 2. Insinuations from satan. 3. Whispering of the soul. If you ask scholars I feel they say your dream falls in the second category or in the third category. Since pre marital talk of unimportance to opposite gender is considered unlawful in Islam. Your dream most likely is to be categorized ...


Here you can download a pdf version of a partial Tafsir of Surah al-Ikhlas by Avicenna.


I wanted to add a comment to Jim Holloway's answer but I dont have enough points apparently. I completely agree with this interpretation and in fact I came to this conclusion tonight, almost as a Eureka moment, while watching this lecture by Stanton Peele, an addiction specialist. In this lecture he discusses the differences between various communities of ...

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