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How should a third person join a jama'ath of two?

In congregation (Jama'at) of two men muqtafi should stand in line with the imaam, not in front of him or behind him, but perfectly in line with him, on his right. When the third person arrives he taps ...
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How does Dua really work?

Allah is the All-Powerful All-Creator of the Universe, He's not some genie in a bottle that gives you three wishes whenever you rub Him. Du'a is asking Allah for help, not demanding it. It's about ...
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Is Salah nullified if I pray facing a door and someone opens it?

Lock the door. Install a lock on it if it does not have a lock. Maybe put a sign on the other side of the door to let people know you are praying. According to the majority of the schools of thought (...
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I cant differenciate between urine and discharge . What to do?

First u have to walk about 40 steps. Later u cough so it feel like empty in the urine bladder. Soon after that u instantly wrap it and make salah. If in the salah still feels like a bit urine came out,...
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Can a child who has not reached puberty lead prayer

A child is allowed to lead the prayer, although jurists have different opinions on this issue, but the most strongest opinion is that it is allowed, because of great deal of evidence on that. Abu ...
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Can i hold saliva in mouth until im done praying?

You should avoid Waswas ... After drinking water in Sahar, collect the water in your mouth for three times and pour it out, then anything you feel in your mouth would be saliva and not water, so OK to ...
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Praying in school

Walaikum AsSalam WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatuhu WaMagfiratuh. sunnah is when you give salam, you don't go beyond "AsSalamu Alaikum WaRahmatullah" or you don't go beyond "AsSalamu Alaikum ...
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Missing Maghrib salah due to not being able to pray it outside

Ask for a 5 minute break to use bathroom then make wudu InshaAllah and find any place mosque or no mosque to pray at designated time of maghrib inshallah. Maybe the closet, a basement, unused rooms, ...
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Reference for Hadith?

I have heard a hadith by mufti that our beloved prophet said "I was assisted by youth". نصرث بالشباب
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