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B is right. I study it in prayer book (Nemaz).Allah for give sins it is a mistake. Don't worry and Do it right now . Allaho Ghafoor o Raheem.


Regarding semen (maniy), it is pure, so it is not obligatory to wash what has semen on it, yet it's better to do so. But, it's obligatory to do ghusl after masturbating. While madhiy is impure, so any cloth that has madhiy on it should be washed, and its enough to just sprinkle a handful of water on it. And it's obligatory to do wudhu' after it. And ...


The fact that you have come to pray is proof in itself that you have purity in heart. If it is the Iman or Taqwa that you think is missing in your heart then, I recommend you to keep up with the 5 times salah and inshaAllah your iman and Taqwa will also keep up. Allah says as per hadith Muslim 6833: Whoever comes to me walking, I will come running ...


As Salamu alaijum. Islam is peace: there are scholars who recommend hardship in religion: they seem to be many. The few scholars who recommend ease appear to be ignored. Islam is ease!


Wa'alaykum al-salam, I will try to answer this question to the best of my knowledge. If Doha, Qatar is your place of residence, then as soon as you leave the city boundaries and intend to travel more than 88km, for matters which do not involve disobedience, you will be considered a traveller. A difference of opinion arises (when being considered as a ...

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