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Why do Sunni Muslims not reach out to the people of Gaza as stated in Quran?

Sunnis are under hostile dictators preventing us from attacking, Hamas are sunnis but in general you are correct. There are plenty of jihadis who could be volunteering their help for hezbollah. yemeni ...
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Does the rule of certainty apply even if you feel urine coming out while doing istinja, but you can't find evidence of urine?

When you have doubt you should consider is as pure. Generally, when something was initially pure but there is doubt about it becoming Najis, it should still be considered pure. And it should be ...
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Is this true about Zubair (a companion)

Assalamualaikum wa rahmat Allahu wa barakatuh! First of all, Just because some companions did beat their wives doesn't mean that they no longer deserve jannah, Or that beating wives is okay! We admit ...
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