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I don't know much about Arabic Language, I most confess, but perhaps there could be a problem in the choice of words in the interpretation of the Hadith; the present state of Yathrib (Medina) today is backwarded as it has no relevance or impart in the world politics as Jerusalem. To me the word "rruin" could be interpreted as "relegated ...


I somewhat disagree with the answer given ln by @goldpseudo. The Arabic language - restricted on the words of the qur'an- has not changed. But similarly as the restriction made by 'Othman ibn' Affan in his compilation of the qur'an by favoring the language of Quraish. The - in use- language has restricted certain meanings. And mainly killed the diversity of ...


You see, the problem here is that the Arabic language has changed. Which can be said for pretty much any other language that has been in use for over fourteen centuries. Arabic, as it is commonly spoken and understood around the world, really has little in common with the Arabic spoken during the time of the Prophet and encoded in the Qur'an. Heck, even the ...


They are not the same apparently. The longer name of Maslamah ibn Abdullah Al-Juhani is mentioned in Tahzeeb Al-Tahzeeb here. Namely, his grandfather's name is Raba'ee, not Urwa. His full name would be Maslamah ibn Abdullah ibn Raba'ee Al-Juhani.

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