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in my dream, I thought I heard someone say <congratulations Saiddin, your son Abdullah has a son, Muhammad >

According to Shia, absolutely not, since Imam Mahdi PBUH has been born over one thousand years ago, and his father's name is Hassan (Abu Muhammad Hassan Al-Askari) PBUH, a descendant of prophethood, ...
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Position of Muhammad (PBUH) under Khadija

The Prophet ﷺ participated in a Mudarabah with her. This is a business partnership where one party contributes all the capital and the other party does all the work, and the profit is shared between ...
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Prophet Muhammad worship in Cave Hira

He was a Hanif, following the religion of Ibrahim AS. He worshiped Allah in the same way that Ibrahim AS did.
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Did prophet Muhammad have a slave?

Slavery is not haraam as many liberal Muslims have spread and even people like Syed Qutb May Allah Forgive him have written in his Tafseer It is restricted right now and up to the ijtihad of the Imam ...
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Did prophet Muhammad have a slave?

Indeed he had a one, and he treated his slave with respect and care, but I don't know about the female slave part...In the quran, it is mentioned in surah al Mareej that it is permissible to have ...
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