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How can sculpting/drawing be Haram when Isa (PBUH) sculpted a bird?

This is best understood by realizing that at the time Jesus made the clay birds he was a child. And children are permitted to make and play with toys, which are not to be considered as idols. Did not ...
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Why do Sunni Muslims not reach out to the people of Gaza as stated in Quran?

Sunnis are under hostile dictators preventing us from attacking, Hamas are sunnis but in general you are correct. There are plenty of jihadis who could be volunteering their help for hezbollah. yemeni ...
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Why Al-Maidah verse 5:90 described Satan like a real person?

Shaytan (Satan) is an unseen being. When Allah ta'ala says that drinking, gambling, sacrificing to other than Allah, etc. are "defilement from the work of Satan", what that means is that ...
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Why Ibraheem was referred to as Ummah (أُمَّة) in this verse and why it was translated with other meanings?

Whatever the Muslims view as good is good to Allah, and whatever they view as evil is evil to Allah.” -Musnad Ahmed 3600 P1: the view of Allah is infallible. P2: the collective view of muslims(Ummah) ...
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