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Definitely it was not possible for 10000 people to listen Imam without microphone. There's no hidden magic that you're looking forward. But for prayers, Takbeerat were recalled by persons in mid to be audible to farthest.


I don't know about thus report authenticity but taking women as war booty is part of Islam. Prophet SAW had a slave girl called Maria the Copt. A man does as he wishes with his property, it is allowed with the companions the right hand. remember Islam does not have to live up to disbelievers idea of what is good rather islam is what dictates what is good and ...


Yes zulekha fall in love with him by seeing nabi yosuf beauty so she organized a banquet to show that anybody can fall in love with his beauty. Its not my mistake so its Every yhing Allah planned. After seeing yosuf all women are like lost in his beauty and cut their hand. All woman takes the zulekha side ya yosuf is too handsome.


Because people are people, they are flawed, and much of it was an oral history before it was written down. Indeed a lot of the Torah, for example, is also things like poetry, history, poetic views on creation which are not accurate, and so on. There were many events and people involved over hundreds of years with the creation of the Torah. The overall ...


You might need to know some basics first. Fard - Instructed by Allah in The Qur'an - Compulsory for All Wajib - Instructed by Allah through Hadith - Compulsory for All Sunnah Muakkadah - Established Sunnah (Act) by our Prophet (Peace be upon him) - Recommended for All Sunnah - Sunnah (Act) by our Prophet (Peace be upon him) - Voluntary Act of worship ...

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