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Yes, that's the cornerstone of Shia belief. Some Sunnis deny that Ali (as/ra) had any claim to the caliphate against Abu Bakr but others who can't deny the recorded protests by Ali (as) tend to highlight Ali's final retreat and allegiance to Abu Bakr, suggesting that the difference was a minor thing that was finally settled in a brotherly fashion. They ...


In Islam Sunnis, nothing say that That is from Shia beliefs


Actually the belief in Islam states that the represents: The crescent represents progress and the five pointed star, light and knowledge. The moon is the appointed sign of times, seasons, fast and feast, and governs the Islamic calendar.


Quran and old testament are more or less same ....after (son of God) Jesus Christ was born ,some ppl follow Jesus Christ as their Savior so they have been called Christian and some group of ppl follow prophet Mohammed then they are called Islam ... before all these things.. there is no Islam or no Christians and there is no separation Among the ppl ....there ...

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