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In summary, Zuhd can be simply described as seeking contentment, trust in Allah and hope for a short duration with an attitude of indifference to the world. Zuhd is not something destined for a selected limited group of people, but rather a code of behaviour that should be followed by any pious Muslim. Thus, the term Muslim becomes equivalent to the term ...


A hadith narrated by Aisha R.A that the prophet SAW say one taslim for the prayer while facing forward and turning to his right slightly. Ahmad bn Hanbal also narrate from Aisha R.A that the prophet sat and recited the tashahhud,then supplicated and did one taslim with a loud voice that he almost woke the people in the house from sleep. Ali bn Abi Talib ...


Yes, "eye masks" aka blindfolds are considered garments that are worn. As per Bukhari hadith 5837, silk is prohibited for males in the form of wearing it and in the form of sleeping on it. In your case, it's a little bit of both. Therefore, men should refrain from wearing this item. Gift it to a female relative and find another eye mask that isn't made from ...


Yes, You may ask for anything in Jannah. And when it comes to the levels of Jannah, It has to do more with a status rather than a limit of wishes Hope this answers your question.

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