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It is stated in the hadiths that God did not make anything lawful or anything unlawful except to protect the interests of the people. Not to make it lawful according to His will and to forbid it because of His reluctance to do something, because God, the Creator of His servants and knows what causes the consistency of the body and soul of the servant, ...


Obviously, cat feces and any animal that has jumping blood are najis. This sentence also includes a coffee bean that has been expelled by a cat. Because those coffee beans, like other foods, have passed through the cat's digestive tract and have been excreted in the feces along with the rest of the contents of the cat's abdomen. Therefore, Lavak coffee is ...


It is forbidden to eat and drink from a container made entirely of gold or silver, or if a certain piece of gold or silver is used in it. But if they have decorated it with silver and gold plating. There is nothing wrong with eating and drinking from those dishes and it is unobstructed.

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