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Wasting itself is haram even if its a little bit or not, its because there is people that cant afford to buy or got the same luck as us (Alhamdulillah) to have Food, water and many other things. I'm sorry if I said something wrong but this is what I think about this subject. This is how we do it in our family we dont waste food at all


Eating Animals That eat other Animals is indeed Haram. But we are Humans, created from Earth. Not Animals, Created from Water. So that doesnt apply to Humans. What did the Prophet (saws) and the Sahaba say about this Topic? You did not put in any Daleel? Are you a heretic or just crazy?


First of all, eating beef is permissible in Islam. Even though many Muslims brothers have answered this question, I would like to point out one narration from Umar bin Khataab (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) that indicates that meat should be consumed in a moderate way. Scholars like Al-bani who have authenticated the Hadith have said that the prohibition is ...


Actually you shouldnt say anything, in fact its an innovation (bid'a) to do so.. All you have to do is to have the intention (niyyah) of fasting this day as a kaffarah, just as simple as it is Note You mustnt fast except if you're unable to feed, clothe, or free Allah will not call you to account for your thoughtless oaths, but He will hold you ...


Once a soul separated from a person's body, the world will have no more value to the person and he will be alone for Allah. Same goes to your situation, where the person who dies will not taste your cooking. This is considered as bi'dah and Saidatina 'A'isha reported Allah's Messenger ﷺ as saying: "He who innovates things in our affairs for which there ...

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