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The people differed on him, although the majority seem to have considered him Thiqah. They include Yahya ibn Ma'in, an-Nasa'i, Al-'Ajli etc. Bukhari, Ibn Hibban and Ibn Khuzaimah have narrated from him in their Sahihs (where they only include authentic narrations). His student Shu'bah has narrated from him, and it is said that he only narrated from those he ...


I agree there are almost 4600 Hades without repeating in other Wallah hu aalam


You will be able to find about 2000 explanations of Hadith from Abu Ya'la, Tabarani, Bazzar, Abdur-Razzaq, Ibn Abu Shaybah and Asbahani in Barabankwi's Sharh Hayat As-Sahabah. There are 900 explanations (some of which can be found in the titles mentioned above) in Madkhali's Sharh Silsilah Sahihah. Ibn Athir's Gharib Al-Hadith has 17000 Hadith in it but he ...

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