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Is it true that sadaqah (charity) averts the imminent adversity or trouble?

I don't know of such a hadith. However, it's meaning is fine: As it is stated in the sahih hadith (true) saqah can protect us from the hell fire. Narrated `Adi bin Hatim: The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "...
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How death is erased in the afterlife?

The final and last stage of every human's life is the life of hereafter, either in the paradise or hellfire. People will live there forever. After a billion billion years, they will continue to live ...
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Are 4 witnesses required for Slaves?

Some form of evidence is certainly required as the hadith says: إذا زنت الأمة فتبين زناها فليجلدها If a lady slave commits illegal sexual intercourse and she is proved guilty of illegal sexual ...
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Umar beating a slave for wearing a jilbab

These Hadiths are all unauthentic Ibn Hazm and Sheikh Albani speaks on this if a slave woman converts to Islam she would be required to cover.
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