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Jokes are not prohibited but we should limit how much we joke around. Per hadith, those who remember death often are the wisest so if you're turning serious situations whereby people are remembering Allah (ﷻ) into "funny moments" where their attention is diverted, it's a foolish thing to do. Moreover, if your goal is to make people laugh then it's said ...


There is no explicit mention of music and musicality and certainly not bands being haram in the Qur'an, nor in Hadith, some interpetations of verses correspond to outright banning of music on the basis of it poisoning the mind, certainly. But the interpetations are not largely agreed upon nor enforced in Islam. As long as you watch out for your own internal ...


Anything which leads you to watch some inappropriate images or videos or may bring you to do inappropriate move, is a sin and also affect your life circumstances badly.


I believe what you think, are your thoughts, in fact these are not your thoughts. That's what Shetan (Devil) brings to your mind, if you do not pay attention at all and you do not discuss such things with others, (stay totally disconnected from it) you are all good. Keep your self busy in zikar


You cannot stop your taught, god gives you the ability to think in many different ways included thinking sexual about anyone, so i don't believe it's your fault for thinking somting like that. trust me your not the only one with taught like this.


It is haraam as long as it harms the animal I believe we have anesthesia for animals thus no harm and after neutering/spaying the animal is much relaxed, healthy and playful. Secondly humans and animals both are relaxed after that. I dont have enough knowledge for the reference but I do believe that. And giving away animal or letting it free may also ...


There aren't any kufr or sinful in remembering and thinking, but also you shouldn't think such memories. Such things are delusion of devil. If you have many of delusions you should say kalimai tawheed many of times in day.


It should not be an issue as long as it's not designed for women.


As salamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakah. If you are female, there are a lot more bariers for you, in short the job is not for a muslim girl/women. But if you are male, then you can't just do the job if you have to serve wine or anything haram. So, before applying to any airline company, you must make that clear, anything haram, you're not going to do. So, ...

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