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Aslamualaikum, A word of advice for my fellow brother is I would leave the game especially if your over the age of puberty. I used to to be a novice developer[for quite some time too] on there and while animating I realized that it mimics the creation and even more so if you want to change the default roblox character. A roblox character can be described as ...


well lying is haram so does it mean Lying in among us is haram


Tho some say it’s haram or makrooh killing someone in a game dosent count (halal killing) I’m just as confused but I’m not sure it’s alright or not just don’t miss daily prayers and don’t make it habit.


I think among us is haram beacause in the among us game you need to lie and when you get imposter role you have to kill in the game and lying is haram killing is haram.


This is a pretty funny question to come across tbh, but you yourself are not associating any of these statue offerings or gods with Allah. Even if they are called "gods" As long as they are not viewed as the omnipotent singular god that Allah is, I don't think they can be considered as shirk. It's just a game anyway right? Killing is also haram but ...


Technology though it appears strange an foreign is a natural part of our evolution. Sometimes evolving is dirty and painful and we are evolving at an exponential rate. How we proceed will determine how we evolve. So proceed with caution and always seek truth and goodness. Now for the good part.. God always wins in the end.. So hold fast to the rope that is ...


I'm no islamic scholar. I can understand if you make a game that contains haram things like but not limited to, music, nudity, alcoholism, drugs that may be encouraging haram behaviors. However, saying you should not make games because people may waste time on it is that same as saying don't make a hammer because someone may kill someone with it. All objects ...


No card game is haram as long as it doesn't involve betting/gambling or anything haram, like drink alcohol for this many points or hit the guy next to you to get this many points. People say card games are haram because it is the main source for betting/gambling, but the card game itself is not haram only gambling/betting. But card game which involves bank ...


Games are often places where people do what you must not do in reality. Restrictive schools refuse reality-like games in general (haram) Reality games where you do what in reality is forbidden are at least maqruh (not recommended). "magic" elements like drinking love potion in theater or fiction is not a problem as long as nobody claims it to be ...

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