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Granddaughters are mahrams to their grandfathers, it is not permissible to marry them. They are included in the meaning of the verse: ... حرمت عليكم أمهاتكم وبناتكم Prohibited to you [for marriage] are your mothers, your daughters ... — Quran 4:23 Since بنات (daughters) can mean every female descendant, no matter how low i.e. granddaughter, great ...


Of course you can it’s your choice and free will no one is forcing you if you don’t feel connections or feel like they aren’t suitable for you, you can reject it.


In Islamic jurisprudence, the compulsion of a girl to marry is strictly forbidden, so that if a girl marries someone without her consent and only with the compulsion of her father, her marriage is void, and if a child is obtained from this marriage, she is not born lawful. And the son is doubtful and the father is a great sin. [1] On the other hand, the ...


Assalamu Alykom wa rahmut allah wa barakatoh (peace be upon muslims). Dear sister, I understand your frustration and concerns but I must warn you that playing the Quran al kareem (the book that descended from the seventh sky, the book that many muslims lost life defending it) while performing sex is an insult to those who died to raise the word of allah. ...

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