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After accepting Islam both of you must sincerely repent for your sin and you must cleanse your womb by observing istibra’ or ‘iddah, which is three menstrual cycles according to the longer duration. After doing that you may marry. There is no '6 months for every year' condition. For further information contact a qualified scholar in person.


You stated: I asked her why she didn't tell me that she had talked to her sister she never answered my question. So she disobeyed me. No, this not an act of disobedience. She just ignored your question, in other words, she preferred not to answer which is something up to her. As for having a sexual relationship with her, it is your right in Islam, and ...


A temporary marriage in Islam is called nikah al-Mut'a or al-Mut'ah نكاح المتعة and was a common practice in Jahiliyyah. Because Islam didn't invent any new kinds of marriage, but legalized some kind by giving it defined rulings and declared void others. Note متعة in Arabic means pleasure so this nikah in Jahilyah was performed for the pleasure of men and ...


No, because this type of marriage is called mut'ah, the shi'a allow it, the sunnis not. Go and check Islamqa


Yes, temporary nikah is permissible even if it is only to fulfill ones sexual needs. The temporary marriage ceases at the end of the agreed time, which should be decided before the marriage, or the man can divorce her before that the time if wishes. Yes, it is also permissible to engage in temporary nikah with multiple woman at the same time. Not sure if it ...


Your First Question: Which schools of thought allow/disallow it?(from the 4 major ones) The four schools: Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i, and Hanbali, allow Katb-Al-Kitab (marriage contract) as a must rather than an optional choice. Allah Almighty described it as a solemn covenant in Surah Al-Nisa (4) — Verse 20 and 21: In Arabic (the exact wording): (20) ...


You can marry another 2 or 3 women if you can keep balance among them, this is the ultimate solution for you.


Wa alaikom salam wa rahmato allah wa barakatoh , yes you are allowed to marry the daughter islamically

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