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No, you can’t go on vacation with him and of course you can’t sleep in the same room with him


If he does not pray, then it is his fault, not yours. You will not be punished for his sins and he will not be punished for your sins.


They're going to marry but either way it's a sin, she is regretting it so if she asked for forgiveness it's fine now. If you have iman in Allah and not repeat the sin again she may be forgiven, may Allah forgive her and us all. Hope i helped you(:


She's regretting that is the sign of iman Don't worry if she asked for forgiveness of Allah and make a decision not committing it again then she will as pure as she a new born May Allah forgive us


According to tradition, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was 25 years old when he married his first wife, Khadījah, who was about 40 years old at the time of marriage. Further, she had married before (Sunni view). Given that, and the fact that there's no verse in the Quran that prohibits a man from marrying an older woman, I believe it is fine.


He needs to change his beliefs that Ali is just a sahabi as are Omar and Abu Bakr, and follow the quran and the Sunnah, pray five times a day like sunni people etc.


As far as I know, a Muslim woman can't marry a non-muslim man. But a Muslim man can marry a woman who is non-muslim but Ahle Kitab. But the purpose should be to attract her toward Islam. So, you can marry any Christian, Jewish or Sabian( woman to attract her toward Islam but can't marry any Hindu, Buddhist or any ...


Yes u can marry her even if shes practising Christian and has a child out of wedlock. May Allah bless u both


Allah (swt) is the AR-Rahman Ar-Raheem, he is the most forgiving and most merciful. You should do nikkah, especially since you have a child now. Yes, this was a sin, but Allah (swt) forgives. Keep making dua and changing your ways for the better. If this child brought you closer to Allah (swt), this was a gift. May Allah (swt) continue guiding you to the ...

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