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Taweez or whatever you may call it is not from Quran but it can be part of evil (black magic). Quran can't cause damage but can be used to revert damage caused by magic. Any Ayat from Qur'an Majeed can cure magic. Allah ( ﷻ) says, ‘And we send down of the Qur'an that which is Healing and Mercy for the believers’ (Al-Isra:82) However, few verses of Qur'an ...


The fluids that a woman discharges – other than urine and menstrual blood – are: (1) maniy (sexual fluid), (2) madhy (pre-sexual fluid), (3) wady which is thick, cloudy (turbid) and white fluid that exits after urinating or carrying a heavy object, and (4) ritubah (mucus/vaginal discharge) and they are all impure. Maniy (sexual fluid), on the other hand, ...

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