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Touching A girl's behind by mistake

Accidental physical contact between a Muslim male and a female is not a sin by itself, as long as it is not intentional, frequent, or accompanied by any sexual desire or pleasure. However, we should ...
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Women going out of the house for leisure

Aslamu Walaykum The act of tabarujj is haram, it's purpose is to look more nicer, and attract men to look which is prohibited. Abdullah bin Mas’oud (رضي الله عنه) reported that the Prophet (صَلَّى ...
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Is it halal to post videos/images with moderately dressed non-muslim women on it for marketing purposes?

It's clearly Haram to use women pics for marketing especially if they are not in full hijab clothes style , im working in this field " Marketing" also ,for me I used to except all clients ...

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