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-1 I’ve also heard from Sheik Assim Al hakeem that it’s haram to not want a child as a final decision ever.


Talking about equality in its broad sense, we can say that Women and men are equal but not identical since their physiological and psychological makeup is different. Hence, their roles are within society are different. Women and men are equal in spirituality. The spiritual equality is based essentially on the worship practices reward and punishments in the ...


Yes. However it is not an unconditional and perpetual exception for every journey she ever undertakes. Rather it refers only to the journey which is her migration from Dar al-Harb to Dar al-Islam. She is permitted \ obligated to escape without impediments such as the absence of a mahram or being in the state of iddah. قال البغوي لم يختلفوا في أنه ليس للمرأة ...

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