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Are non-Muslims committing haram by not praying to Allah?

Yes. Non-muslims are committing haram by not believing in Islam and by not practicing its constituents such as by not praying, and by not giving zakat etc. There are verses in the Quran which condemn ...
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Is it halal to post videos/images with moderately dressed non-muslim women on it for marketing purposes?

It's clearly Haram to use women pics for marketing especially if they are not in full hijab clothes style , im working in this field " Marketing" also ,for me I used to except all clients ...
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Assalam o alaikum. I want to ask if is it halal to earn money through youtube when you're making movie content?

According to what I understand, the videos you produce are prohibited since they feature love tales, boyfriends, and girlfriends. There is no need for me to provide a source to prove that it is ...

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