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Is Allah negotiating with Iblis (Satan) in Quran 15:34-44?

I always admire your questions ... :) Allah is not negotiating with Iblis, he did not even accept his request. Most of the scholars see that Allah did not accept Iblis’s request, but Allah postponed ...
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What are the things we have to perform while reading Quran?

A bit about the relevant fiqh rulings and fiqh views First you should know that the sujud or prostration of the recitation (reading of the qur'an) also know as sujud at-Tilawa سجود التلاوة is not an ...
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What are the things we have to perform while reading Quran?

It is performed like this: Stand facing the kaabah, say Allahu Akbar, do sajdah, say Allahu Akbar, rise from sajdah, do tasleem. Women must cover their head when you do it, because sajdah is a ...
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Missing Sajdah during Jummah salaat behind Imaam

The two sajood are one of the six obligatory/fard acts per rakat so leaving any obligatory act doesn't complete the rakat hence the salat/prayer is incomplete. Six obligated acts of Prayer al-...
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Is there any problem performing Sajda Sahw without committing any mistakes?

If you have doubt about whether you made a mistake, follow the feeling that is stronger. If you feel it is more likely that you made a mistake, perform sajdah sawh. Otherwise, skip it. This is for the ...
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How do we do sajda tilawat if we recite Sura Inshiqaq (84) in the 1st rakah?

You say takbeer and fall directly into prostration. After the single prostration you say takbeer and stand straight up; continue the recitation and then do ruku and complete the first rakah. For ...
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Is it necessary to perform prostration after reciting verse of prostration (sajda) in Quran?

Yes its necessary to perform prostate because you are reciting the holy quran an following all the instructions and orders which is given to you by the Allah. So when prostate arrives in quran you ...
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How much does a prayer for a bump take to appear?

All perfect praise be to Allah First of all, i should tell at first look i didn't like your question, but than i thaught i think it is good if someone has desire to have one because quran says: ...
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