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There are 8 colors mentioned in the Quran. Red occurs in the Quran only once (35:27) Yellow, occurs total five times in the Quran (2:69, 30:51, 39:21, 57:20, 77:33). Blue is used once in the Quran, in an allegory about the hereafter. 20:102 Green appears throughout the Quran as a color that symbolises life (6:99, 12:43, 12:46, 18:31, 22:63, 36:80, 55:76, ...


Note that the word (the) color (Arabic اللون) itself has been mentioned in the qur'an nine times. Further only six colors have been mentioned clearly by their names, but more can be found when checking details. The first color (if we start reading the qur'an starting with al-Fatihah and ending with an-Nas) which was mentioned is: (The) yellow (Arabic ...


This is an excerpt from the first bezel, Bezel of Divine Wisdom in Adamian Word (فص حكمة إلهية في كلمة آدميَّة) from Bezels of Wisdom (فصوص الحکم). The distinction is partly rooted in popular premises of Islamic philosophy at the time (which I think hold merit to this date) and Ibn Arabi's own view of the relation between Divine attributes and those of ...


There is another app which is Islam360 which is available on iOS, Android, Windows. It Also has nice features like searchable in Arabic, English, Urdu. Translation in English, Urdu, Roman Urdu, Nepali, and Marathi totally 10 translations. Tafseers and all six books of Hadiths with translation.

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