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The example of the inheritance shares issue: how comes the Quran needs to be corrected?

Case 1: A woman leaves behind a husband and two sisters. The prescribed shares are as follows: Heir Applicable Text Prescribed share Equivalent fraction Percentage Husband 4:12 ولكم نصف 1/2 3/6 50 % ...
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Were the Egyptians destroyed as a people?

I am a native Egyptian. I'm not a Sheikh, but I will try to help you. Allah destroyed Pharaoh and his army by drowning in the sea. The verses are talking about them, and the pronoun "They" ...
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What is the most reliable source of Arabic grammar for understanding Quran?

Correction of your statement and explanation of the terms Certainly the qur'an is the first choice to understand the qur'an and its grammar. One could say Arabic grammar needed a standard book or ...
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Are non-Muslims committing haram by not praying to Allah?

Yes. Non-muslims are committing haram by not believing in Islam and by not practicing its constituents such as by not praying, and by not giving zakat etc. There are verses in the Quran which condemn ...
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Are there sources which analyze in depth the significance of Allah's names coming in pairs?

Yes, there are sources in Islamic scholarship that analyze the significance of Allah's names coming in pairs. The names of Allah are considered sacred and highly significant in Islamic theology, and ...
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