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Does swallowing wudoo water mixes with saliva during prayer invalidates the prayer?

It is actually sunnah to spit on the left in order to get rid of any whispering that is from the devil. Continuation of a hadith: Muslim (2203) from ‘Uthmaan ibn Abi’l-‘Aas (may Allah be pleased with ...
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What other explanations of the hadith of combining prayers (Sahih Muslim 1636) are given by Muslim scholars?

In short they explain such ahadith as follows: It was because of a valid excuse (such as travel, illness, rain or fear). Note that the majority of the madhabs allow for combining prayers due to one ...
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Can I bring my helmet in with me to the mosque?

Islamically, there really aren't any restrictions on what you can bring into the masjid as long as they're not najis (ritually impure, e.g. covered in filth). For most masajid with restrictions on ...
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Was my prayer valid if there was a picture of a fictional character a few meters in front of me?

Aslamu Walaykum Muslims always forget and do mistakes, so if you forgot it is okay. Your dua and prayers are not invalid because you didn't know. Allah is the most forgiving, and he was watching you. ...
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