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Let's pay heed to some points: Firstly, Allah never make mistake. Secondly, although our fate is depended upon Allah (and He permanently wants good fate for us), BUT: having good or bad fate is related to our intentions/practices. Thirdly, AFAIK, Both Quran/Narrations have mentioned it as "GREAT-SIN", and I red how much its punishment is hard/...


Given that homosexuality and transgenders, are to a large extent, biologically determined I wouldn't have thought so. After all, one only needs to look at the natural world, to see an immense diversity of sexual and gender behaviour. Whilst homosexuality is condemned in traditional Islam, revisionist scholars - according to Alipour and Fadl - offer a more ...


Yes. Allah has told us homosexuality is unnatural and an an evil immoral way. There is no justifying this evil so no point in being deluded.


Hypocrisy is of various types. نفاق الأكبر is related to beliefs. A hypocrite of this type is a disbeliever at heart but pretends to be a Muslim in order to deceive people. It is a type of Kufr and is the one which is mentioned in the Quran. These would remain in hell forever as the Quran explicitly states that in various verses. They are not Muslims. نفاق ...

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