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in jannah your able to have all of your desires fulfilled and that includes sex and other sexual fantasies you may want to have fulfilled that may have not been possible in this world


If a person is hurt and he/she has access to help (ambulance, etc) then he/she should not harm himself/herself by not getting treated. Instead, he/she should take necessary actions to save himself/herself. What your friend did does not seem to be the right thing. She should have gone to the hospital or you could have called the ambulance. Suicide is a major ...


It is Halal to have something like Fire. U may be like whut! For expample think about Charizard aka Lizardon right. Charizard is a Fire Type Pokémon with literal Fire right. I thought Fire was Haram because ya know it is commonly associated with Jinns and I thought it will be Halal to censor the Fire to Water. My Uncle told me Fire is halal because Allah ...

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