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Yes, of course. All Muslim will enter heaven/paradise eventually. What matters here is how long is the waiting and when. Qur’an and Sunnah and ijma ’generation of salaf of this ummah has shown that a person who still has faith in his heart despite the weight of an atom, will not remain in hell. If he goes to hell for his sins, he will stay there according to ...


Assalamu alaikum. According to my personal knowledge, in Jannah, there will be WHATEVER you desire. Whether it be cars, planes, technology etc. Its Jannah, so whatever you want will be right infront of you. From Google: "There is no internet in Jannah. Here is a proof of that. If there is internet in Jannah, then all the Muslims who are dead and are on ...


short answer no, but wealth, children and wife/husband are a test so a wealthy person is more prone to stray than the poor one because wealth is a resource that if misused can lure its owner to stray. moreover those in test when they pass the reward will be greater because of the hard test, also God assigns a test relative to the degree of faith that one has ...


I feel money makes our thoughts busy with worldly life, even if you're poor but your aim is to become rich can make your mind busy with money, this ahadith should make us feel better with little money, thus our mind will be able to spend quality time to strive for Hereafter.


Every righteous and believer will enter the paradise. Allah will give everyone their reward for their deeds in the world whether he is man or woman. For your reference check this fatwa Allah knows the best.

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