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According to Quran it can happen. Check this out (36/57) : They shall have fruits and all that they call for. In the Afterlife, as you may know there won't be any matter but only God's light (heaven) and it's absence (hell) (24/35): Allah is the Lighter of the heavens and the earth. The example of His Light is like a tube, in which there is a wick. ...


It has been reported from the Prophet saww when asked about the children of the Polytheists, said: ‘They will be the servants of the inhabitants of Paradise.’ (مجمعِ البيان9ِ:327.) Al-Tabarsy, regarding the meaning of eternal youths [56:17], from Ali asws: ‘These are the children of the people of the world who never had any good deeds they could be ...


I think our beloved prophet will be th first one. He was forgiven his coming sins and his previous sins by Allah yet he has'nt ever commited a sin

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