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Is death time predestined or can it be extended by supplication?

Nothing extends or reduces one's lifespan, regardless. This is the opinion that scholars mostly agree upon that when one's time is up, it will not be delayed, as Prophet Nūh ﷺ told his people: ...
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does the argument between Adam(PBUH) and Moses(PBUH) make it that Adam(PBUH) had no free will?

This hadith was compiled in many hadith sources (ibn Hajar counted 10 routes to abu Hurrairah in his fath al-Bary -see here in Arabic-) among them in both Sahihs: Sahih al-Bukhari in the book of ...
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Relationship between determinism and free will in ISLAM

In Islamic history Mu'tazilites are associated with the doctrine of tafweez or delegation. They believed we decide our fate all on our own without any Divine intervention. Ash'arites are associated ...
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Is there "CHANCE (LUCK)" in Islam, or that is DESTINY which is used in wrong idiom?

This answer is more on the term luck and not chance. The definition I would say that we first need to define the word luck. When we have defined it, then I think we can give a response to if it's a ...
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Am I going to hell because I'm gay? homosexual? attracted to the same sex?

If you feel attracted to men, only option for you in Islam is to not act upon it. If you act upon it and have relationship with men, then that is forbidden act in Islam. You can remain celibate either ...
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Am I going to hell because I'm gay? homosexual? attracted to the same sex?

Have you considered the possibility that you are a transgender woman? Gay men don't ordinarily go around saying things like "my heart and mind is a woman"; transgender women certainly do. ...
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Islamic view of Qadar and freewill

We have free will. Thus, we are responsible for our actions. Utterances like whether Allah has written our destiny are potentially misleading. Just because He has written it does not mean that He has ...
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