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The hadith sciences ('Ilm al-Hadith, علم الحديث) refer to those studies which investigate and determine the authenticity of any given hadith and those which explain a hadith and search in the meanings of it's words and so on.

The hadith sciences ('Ilm al-Hadith, علم الحديث) are a field of study in Islamic scholarship, dedicated to investigating and classifying the veracity of existing ahadith. It is used by Muslim scholars in the study and evaluation of the Islamic hadith.

This field of study splits into two categories:

  1. علم الحديث رواية Ilm Hadith Riwaya
  2. علم الحديث دراية Ilm Hadith Diraya

The first category deals with the Matn, and is intended to keep the sayings safe from mistakes during transference. It deals with the Matn's meanings and it deals with explaining it, and so on... The second deals with the sanad, and the states of the narrators whether they are trustworthy or liars etc.

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