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Arabic: علم مصطلح الحديث is the science of the terminology of hadith including both the content and narrator chain. Use it if you want a definition of related terms.

Hadith terminology (Arabic: علم مصطلح الحديث, 'ilm muṣṭalaḥu l-ḥadīth) is the body of terminology in Islam which specifies the acceptability of the sayings (hadith) attributed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad by other early Islamic figures of significance such as the companions and followers/ successors. Individual terms distinguish between those hadith considered rightfully attributed to their source or detail the faults of those of dubious provenance. Formally, it has been defined by Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani as: "knowledge of the principles by which the condition of the narrator and the narrated are determined." (Main source wikipedia)

Examples of such terms: Are those who qualify a hadith form the perspective of whether it is attributed to the prophet () or not like:

  • marfu' المرفوع (inculdes further categories such as munqati' المنقطع, mursal المُرسَل and muttasil المتصل)
  • mawquf الموقوف
  • maqtu' المقطوع

Beside different grades of authenticity.