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Zakat or sadaqah al-Fitr زكاة الفطر is an ordered charity given to the poor at the end of the fasting in the Islamic month of Ramadan.

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Paying zakat on stocks but has no income

Assalamualaikum I have a question regarding giving zakat on stocks. There is a person having some shares in stock since last 3 years and the value of those is around $955 from long time investment and ...
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What is the difference between sadaqah and fitrah?

What is the difference between sadaqah and fitrah? When we donate some money excluding Zakat money, then what will be the right term to refer that?
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Zakat to a person knowingly doing zina

a brother of mine has been living with a woman (probably non-muslim, not sure) without doing nikah for some time. They even have baby now. After repeatedly advising, they did not do nikkah. He is poor,...
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Calculation of zakat who has savings but no earnings

Ãsak I would like to know is giving zakat compulsary for the person who is not earning but has little bit of savings. I used to had a job year ago but now I don't have any job but I had some savings ...
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1. Can I pay Zakat-al-Fitr on behalf of my poor matured sister but does not depend solely on me for sustenance?

**I would be glad if I can be guided. I really want answers to this question*
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Is my husband obligate to pay zakat al-fitr for his brother?

Is my husband obligate to pay zakat al-fitr for his brother who does menial jobs to survive? I just want to ask my question and be guided
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How often should I pay Zakat?

Since it's Ramadan now, how much Zakat should I pay? Do I pay the Zakat everyday? Even on normal days (not Ramadan), do I pay the same Zakat? What about Zakat Eid Al Fitr? I'm a single woman who ...
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How much should I pay as Sadaqah Fitr?

I know the following hadith: The Prophet (ﷺ) ordered (Muslims) to give one Sa' of dates or one Sa' of barley as Zakat-ul-Fitr. The people rewarded two Mudds of wheat as equal to that. https://sunnah....
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I have some questions about zakat-ul-Fitr [closed]

I have a father, a mother, my elder brother and, one elder sister. I have some questions in my mind about zakat-ul-Fitr. Who ought to give zakat-ul-Fitr? Whom do we give zakat-ul-Fitr? How much we ...
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Who is eligible to receive Sadqa Fitr?

Sadqa fitr is something(money) that we(Muslims) offer at the end of the Ramazan. But it is entirely different from Zakat. May I know what is the amount of Sadqa Fitr that a Muslim should a pay and who ...
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