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Arabic: العين sight which includes envy and causes harm to the one who is seen by it.

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The correct procedure for dealing with the evil eye

I have read this with regards to the evil eye here however it seems to explain how to protect yourself from the evil eye. However how does one cure the evil eye once one believes he or she has been ...
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Giving ghusl water to our children to cure evil eye

I am aware of a hadith where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) instructed a person to give his bath water (water he used to wash his body) to another person (I don't know if he was a Sahabi) because it was ...
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Islam on Blue Evil Eye bracelets

There is no doubt Islam has mentioned, evil eyes. But there are some bracelets and lockets containing evil eyes. I asked one of my Turkish friends, why do they wear that, she said - "It attracts ...
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Can you commit shirk and evil eye in the mind?

I have really bad anxiety and I think I have intrusive thoughts/OCD. I have these awful thoughts that disrespects Allah(SWT) and I am scared. I keep doing my shahada because these thoughts sometimes ...
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