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Why is only Quran protected by Allah and not Bible or Torah?

Salam , Quran is the un-altered word of Allah. Allah had promised for the protection of Quran. We also believe that Christians and Jews corrupted the Bible and Torah for their personal profits. I want ...
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dua protection from shaytan

I want to know the dua to protect us from shaytan because I remembered shaytan tried to make me late for fajr salah so I want to know the dua to protect me from shaytan
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What is the best dua to make to protect you against the consequences of something you’ve done?

I’ve made a really bad mistake recently and I’m terrified of the consequences of what’s going to happen to me. I’ve become severely depressed and the only thing that’s keeping me going is my belief in ...
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Can a wife protect herself from her husband by beating him?

If a man beats his wife without reason can the wife beat him too to protect herself?
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Reading duas again and again

Aoa I have begun to have mild OCD for the past few months and struggle whenever I am reading duas. For example, I read a dua to seek protection from trials and tribulations, which you read when you ...
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How Protective Is Allah over the muslims

I believe Allah Is our only protector and the greatest one, but I've seen so many posts of how much he loves us. I am In NO way doubting him, I Just want pieces from the Quran where Allah shows his ...
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The correct procedure for dealing with the evil eye

I have read this with regards to the evil eye here however it seems to explain how to protect yourself from the evil eye. However how does one cure the evil eye once one believes he or she has been ...
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Is there any verse in the Quran about personal protection?

Are there any verses in the Quran about personal protection, any verses that says we need to avoid unnecessary harmful acts?
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Why are women not allowed to go out alone even in today's society?

Men are allowed to go out to anywhere they like and at anytime they wish. Women on the other hand are restricted and can only go out with a mahram by their side. I understand that this is because men ...
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