Major Islamic scholar, Ibn Taymiyyah, wrote the book

"Naqd at-Ta'sis (Criticism of incorporation)"

I have searched for this work but have found nothing freely available on the Internet. I am trying to understand the framework for a practical Islamic economic system. I am debating the pros and cons of corporate entities in this framework. Without Islamic references, I am just speculating.

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I guess you are referring to Naqd Assāss at-Taqdīs, rather than Naqd at-Ta'sīs. I do not have an account on this site, so I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the copy posted there.

Note that:

  • This book was written in two large volumes, but only a small portion of the book is preserved in manuscripts, out of which only a smaller portion is in print.
  • There are versions out there that are not authenticated (you may find them under the presumed authentication of Ibn Qāssim, as an example).
  • There are books citing a version printed in Mecca by Maktabat al-Hukūma in 1391 A.H. but it is not clear by whom or when that old copy was authenticated (if at all).
  • This book will neither help you with Islamic economic system nor corporate entities. It is a book about the names and attributes of Allah that refutes some of the misconceptions in another book called Assāss at-Taqdīs that presumably denied some of Allah's names and attributes.

In fact the book title as presented creates some confusion ibn Qayyim al-Jawziya listed about 350 works of his teacher ibn Taymiyyah many of them -as usual in the Arabic literature- are known by parts of a title or what we can call a name they are known by. For example the book commonly reffered to by Sahih al-Bukhari in fact is entitled: al-Jami' ul-musnadu as-sahihu al-mukhtassar min omori rassuli Allahi salla Allahu 'alayhi wa salam wa sunatihi wa ayyamih الجامع المسند الصحيح المختصر من أُمور رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلّم وسننه وأيامه so many books have a title they are known or usually referred to with while the correct title is somewhat different.

To be honest all sites I've consulted so far (English/German) that quote a list of books of ibn Taymiyyah present in this list a book entitled "Naqd at-Ta'sis" (in Latin letters) which can't be found in Arabic sources -at least I couldn't find it-. So it seems that somebody posted a book title and others followed him blindly. Note that if such a book exists the title may mean Discussion/Criticism (or the Annulment/Refutation) of Foundation/Incorporation.
In Arabic language you may find usually find in such a list, book titles containing "Naqd" (I could make out 7, note that in Arabic there's a clear difference between نقض and نقد which both maybe transliterated "Naqd") or "Ta'sis" (without a preposition).

So among the books ibn Taymiyyah wrote there's a book which has "two known titles":

بيان تلبيس الجهمية في تأسيس بدعهم الكلامية أو نقض تأسيس الجهمية (See for example here)
Bayan talbees al-Jahmiyyah fi ta'sis bida'ihim al-Kalamiyah aw Naqd Ta'sis al-Jahmiyyah
Translation of my own
Demonstration of the donning of the Jahimi (sect) in the foundation of their Kalami innovation or Annulment of the foundation of the Jahmi (sect)

Again this book as the one @III-AK-III is referring to is far away of being related to economy matters. In fact it is rather a refutation of the theological fundamentals of a sect or the followers of Jahm ibn Safwan. It also seems to be a response of ar-Razi's Ta'sis at-Taqdis تأسيس التقديس or Asas at-Taqdis أساس التقديس.

I found some articles instead claiming that ibn Taymiyyah's economical views and opinions can be found scattered in his books and fatwas.

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