What is the difference between کذب and باطل in context of Quran and Arabic?

I was seeking the word about False or Falsehood. And I found these two words, Kizb and Batl or Batil. I want to know exact meanings of them. How they are different and how they are related.

کذب vs باطل

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Kizb is the act of Saying something false.

Batl anything that is not true.(including kizb)

language usage Examples:

أحمد أخبر المدرسة بأنه مريض ليغيب من المدرسة. لقد كذب

Ahmed told the teacher he is sick, to skip the school. He lied

لقد زور هذا الرجل فوزه في الانتخابات. إن فوزه باطل

This man has manipulated the elections to win. His win Is False

انت تقول أن الخفاش من الطيور. وهذا كلام باطل

you are saying that the bat is a bird. This is false

لقد كذب "مسيلمة الكذاب" على الناس. إن نبوته باطلة

Musaylimah "the layer" has lied to the people. His prophet-hood is False


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