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Can a lady stipulate in the nikah contract that her husband may not enter into polygamy? [duplicate]

From what I understand, in Islam marriage is a contract. And conditions can be set in it breaking of which can be grounds for divorce. Thus is it acceptable or considered makruh for a female to ...
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Is a marriage without a written contract and a late dowry valid?

One year ago i married my lovely husband without a marriage contract but in front of about 20-30 witnesses from my husbands family in morocco and a lovely iman who came and blessed our marriage. ...
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Difference between making something permissible forbidden, and stipulating to not do something permissible in a contract or oath

Although I can't find a text saying exactly this, making something permissible forbidden or making something forbidden permissible is a (I think major) sin in Islam; see e.g. 16:116 for something ...
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Is it Haram for States in the Arabian penisula (& Bangladesh) to legitimise 3-year overseas worker contracts?

Many States in the Arabian Peninsula use their muslim brothers from Bangladesh on 3-year rolling contracts with a six month break to return to their families. Many of these men are married. This tears ...
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