After I masturbate, my bedclothes become wet, so I clean the wet spot with a cloth. I then wear another set of dry bedclothes.

Is that new set I wear also impure because I am impure? If I have those clothes while in an impure condition, do I have to wash that set or may I leave them as it is, and can I consider them pure and not have to wash them?

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Is that new set I wear also impure, because I am impure?

No. When you are in junub you are not contagious because of it. Also the clothes you were wearing during masturbation are only impure if they contained pre-seminal fluid (Mazi), most of Ulama consider semen to be Taher (the Hanafite and Maliki are the exceptions).


No the new clothes are not impure neither are the clothes you were wearing while masturbating. Even if you got a lil bit semen on your clothes they are still on impure. Also isn’t masturbation haram, Stop doing it.

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