I have been sinning a lot these days, but now, im truly regretful about it. I am deeply ashamed of myself, because my sins are really disgusting, so my question is, am i still worthy of forgiveness in the eyes of Allah Azawajal????

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As long as you’re completely regretting your acts and aslong as you’re seeking forgiveness of Allah s.w.t sincerely and you make Tawba Allah will completely forgive you. Never doubt the mercy of Allah. Make tawba :

  • say bismillah, then make niyya (intention to make tawba) and do a perfect wudhu (ablution)
  • pray 2 rakats and ask for forgiveness in sujud
  • don’t give excuses (Allah knows what and why it happened)
  • feel a lot of remorse and regret ; Allah will not forgive you if you don’t feel enough remorse (you can even cry)
  • tell Allah you will never repeat it again and be honest.

And remember Allah is "al-Ghafir" "Ar-Rahman" "Ar-Rahim" which means He is the most forgiving, the most merciful. Make Tawba and Allah will forgive you even if you repeated the sin a million times ; aslong as you’re sincere and you regret it.

And Allah s.w.t knows best.

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