So I was reading this article, and I read these 2 ahadith in it. and it goes like this,

Allah created some people for hell and some people for paradise.

My initial understanding of this hadith was that, as people live out their lives. The people who do good will goto heaven and people who do bad will goto hell, both groups of people are given free will. So it is very fair and I dont have any issue with it.

but then this next hadith confuses me,

Each one of you will find it easy to do what he was created for.

This above hadith makes it sound very unfair to me, for example lets say I was created for hell that means God created a tendency in me to commit sins and made it harder for me to do good deeds.

While the people God chose for heaven, he made a tendency in them to do good deeds and made it hard for them to commit sins.

So this kind of negates the whole free will thing. It basically means that God has chosen favourites and the system is rigged as the chances of person created for Hell commiting sins by design is higher than the chances for person created for Heaven to commit sins.

Also can be intrepreted as not all humans were created equal, as it is unfair towards the person created for Hell, as God literally made it easier for him to commit sins at no fault of his.

I am a Muslim and I believe in Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) and this hadith could be weak or I am misinterpreting it, so please if anybody knows, can you please clarify for me.

Thank you


(I created jinn and mankind only to worship Me) Quran (51:56) Allah has created us for worship, so worshipping is made easy for everyone, but it is easy doesn't mean everyone will di it, it means whoever wants to worship he can do it easily. So whoever will do it will go to Paradise and whoever won't do it will go to hell.

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