I want to marry a recently converted Muslim woman, but my mother won't allow it. My mother believes people will talk bad about the family.

Should I obey her in this situation, or am I allowed to marry the woman?

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    Salam and welcome to IslamSE the Q&A site about Islam. Note that "Should I..." questions attract subjective answers which are a bad fit for the stackexchange betwork (off-topic). For further informations about our site and the stackexchnage model consider taking the tour and checking our help center. A Muslim man doesn't need anybodys agreement for marrying however it is better to take into account that your life would be more in harmony if you don't offend your parents. – Medi1Saif Jun 15 '20 at 4:33

Females are not allowed to marry non-Muslim but if you are Muslim too. It is highly recommended to do so

check this one

  • Did you read the question? The OP wants to marry a Muslim woman, she just happens to a revert. – SpiderRico Mar 4 at 0:57

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