Salam brothers and sisters, what is the ruling for people that listen to a song that has swearing, and sang along the lyrics. For example, before this I listen to a song, the lyrics is something like this :

'My death swear is only for you' (to a girl)

What is the ruling on this ? 1. I know that this is wrong because as I know swearing is only made in the names of Allah. 2. What if I utter the words along with the lyrics, does that mean I am swearing and have to pay kafarah although I have no intention to swear?

Thank you, anyone could answer my question.

  • Isn't listening to Music by itself considered as haram by a majority of scholars? What's the use of asking for any type of Music/Song texts a special question. If the ruling applies to the main act than specifying is unnecessary. – Sassir Feb 18 '19 at 9:55

You only have to pay Kaffarah for an oath on Allah.

But, what you have done is very sinful:

He who swears by anyone or anything other than Allah, has indeed committed an act of Kufr or Shirk' (Tirmidhi)

You should sincerely repent, and avoid the situation again.

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