I read this question. I have often heard the Imam of my local mosque say the following:

  1. During Ramdan and on the day of Eid, many people will be released from Hell by the mercy of Allah.
  2. Also that, many people who die during a fast will enter Heaven.

Does this mean, people (sinners) who have passed away are spending time in Hell at present And good people are already spending time in Heaven? Please provide some clarity.

What I understand now is that, during the state of barzakh sinners will be punished by the angels (no to the extend as in Hell) and time will move very slowly for them until Judgment day. For the faithful believers, life in the state of barzakh will be pleasureful (not as pleasureful as in Heaven) and time will move very fast for them such that Judgment day will appear as tomorrow. Based on this, was the Imam actually talking about the mercy of Allah on Judgment day? Or was he talking about the state of barzakh?


Yes, Imam is talking about receiving the mercy of Allah on the day of judgment. The residual period of the soul is in Barzakh or the veil or the astral spiritual world takes righteous souls to Wadi-us-Salam. For them , the time frame seizes and the Day of Judgment will appear as just one day between their physical death and that event.

  • Please consider adding references/evidences to support your claims. – Medi1Saif Jan 1 '18 at 21:00

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