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Life after Death

Salaam , From my understanding in your grave after you die, the angels ask you the three questions. If you pass , your grave is widened and your waiting period till day of judgement is peaceful and ...
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Will the soul be punished twice for the same sin? i.e first in barzakh and later in jahanam?

I have read about the punishment of the grave (barzakh) and then later in Hell after Judgement Day. My query is how do these two punishment differ? Will the soul be punished twice for the same sin?
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Concept of Barzakh?

From early times, I knew or learned that after death, one would remain in grave (punishment in grave for sins or otherwise) until he/she is resurrected on the Day of Reckoning. However, recently I ...
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Was the Imam talking about Barzakh or Day of Judgment?

I read this question. I have often heard the Imam of my local mosque say the following: During Ramdan and on the day of Eid, many people will be released from Hell by the mercy of Allah. Also that, ...
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In Islam, what happens to a person after his death?

If a person dies and his/her relatives bury him, he will be asked three questions in the grave. What happens after that? Where does his/her soul go?
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The soul goes to barzakh, how did Muhammad (saw) see people in Jannah and Jahannam?

We are told that when people die, their body stays in their grave and their soul goes to barzakh where they wait for the day of judgement. After that people enter either Jannah or Jahannam. However ...
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How does Islam prove the existence of the life of the world to come?

I have a question: What is the basis for the Islam belief in the World to Come? i asked same question here:
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What does Islam say about life after death?

What does Islam say about life after death? There is this article on Wikipedia, but none of it is cited. There is a decent hadith that addresses parts of it on IslamQA, but can't really find anything ...
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