Today an incident happened. I am so addicted to a game on my mobile, my father saw this and he took the Quran and made me to promise that I won't play the game from now onwards.

But I am so addicted to this game. What happens if I play it?


First of all, it's not allowed to make a promise by putting one's hand on the Quran. It's an act of innovation in Islam, and not proved from any verse of Quran or hadith.

Secondly, if you break a promise, then here in the Quran it explains what you have to do:

Allah does not take you to task for your inadvertent oaths, but He will take you to task for oaths you make intentionally. The expiation in that case is to feed ten poor people with the average amount you feed your family, or clothe them, or free a slave. Anyone without the means to do so should fast three days. That is the expiation for breaking oaths when you have sworn them. Keep your oaths. In this way Allah makes His Signs clear to you, so that hopefully you will be thankful. (Surat al-Ma'ida, 89)

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