I made an oath about a thing in anger. I didn't actually want to make an oath, but my situation and my anger made me do it. My question is: do I need to fulfil the promise, or I can break it?

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If you take an oath, you must fulfil it. But in Islam, for an oath to be valid, there are some conditions:

  • It has to be taken in Allah's name or his attributes.
  • The one taking the oath must be sane and mature. And should do so with free will and clear intention. Similarly, if he takes an oath
    involuntarily, or unintentionally, in a state of excitement, the oath will be void.
  • The oath is not on something impossible.

  • An oath taken must not be for a haraam or makrooh act.

  • For a person who is angry, their oath is not valid.


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