~~~~~~ I'm a Muslim girl who has had several people tell me I have a decent amount of insight and that I'm quite good at applying Islam to real life (taking broad rules like "filtering the words that exit our mouths" to restrain myself from topics around one person and speaking differently to my family than my friends, for example.) I came upon this website off of a link that appeared to have the answer to a question I had (of course, I don't remember it now -.-) and found myself exploring it, and also feeling like I wanted to answer several questions. So, I decided to make an account, and voilĂ ! Je suis ici, non? Excuse any small inaccuracies or vague things I might say, I'm not the most educated and not, by far, a scholar/scholarly person on Islam, and I don't know the full Qur'an and its translation by heart. However, I am aware of many of its details, so I feel like I can answer the occasional logic question and the like, etc. ^ ^ Hope this description pleases the onlooker, skimmer, and/or reader! Allahu Akbar, Allah is my One Lord to whom we all submit, in my belief! May Good come to us all.

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