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The leader of a local Islamic community, particularly as practiced among Sunni Muslims. Not to be confused with the person who leads a congregational prayer (see: imam-al-jamaah) or the appointed leader of the Islamic world as understood by Shi'ite Imamah (see: shia-imam)

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What are the qualities an imam must have?

What are the qualities an imam must have. Is there any specific qualities which an imam must have to be so. And is it possible to force someone to be imam or someone becomes imam while other people ...
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Imam's beliefs are doubtful

I am suspicious about Imam's beliefs regarding (Walee Ullah). His saying about pious people (Walee Ullah) is that they are closer to GOD. So ask them to pray for you instead pray directly. He put ...
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How should a non-Muslim address an Imam?

I am not a Muslim, but I have visited a mosque before and enjoyed the service. When I visited, the local imam approached me and we talked a little about questions that I had regarding the service. I ...
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