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Iftar refers to the breaking of ones fast at *maghrib* (sunset).

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Dry orgasm on Ramadan

So I have decided to fast for Ramadan for the first time this year and have kept the dry fast decently so far. But, I have a masturbation addiction. I know it’s considered as haram whether it’s ...
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Saying bismillah when breaking fast

Is it mandatory to say bismillah before breaking the fast in Ramadan? I usually just say a small dua (allahumma laka sumtu wa bika aamantu wa`ala rizq-ika aftartu) before I do, is this permissible?
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Is there evidence to exercise a little before Iftar?

Some brothers go to the gym during their fast and work out for around an hour before breaking the fast. I read there is some benefit for the body / losing weight / etc doing this. I'm wondering if ...
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Is it wrong to attend iftar at a masjid if I am not fasting? [closed]

Is is wrong on my part to eat at an iftar feast arranged by a Masjid if am not on fast? However the food is more than enough for everybody.
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When should I break the fast for iftar when I can hear multiple adhans at different times?

I live in an area where there are multiple masjids in the vicinity. Adhan can be heard from all the masjids, but the adhans are called at different times. The last one I hear is almost after the ...
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What should I break my fast with?

At home I normally break my fast with dates or something sweet, but at my local mosque we mainly had fried food, and this seems unusual to me. How should I break my fast? I know it is sunnah to eat ...
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How long should I wait after breaking my fast to pray?

In the month of Ramadan that last went by, I was at my local mosque for iftar. When it was time to break our fast, we did so but I was encouraged to keep on eating for at least ten minutes before we ...
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What is the Sunni justification for breaking the fast after sunset instead of after Maghrib?

I've noticed a lot of my Sunni friends being very particular about breaking their fast immediately after it is sunset. As far as i know, it is makruh to wait a long time to break the fast, and that it ...
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