My husband came to me after fajar prayer normally as he do n bite me on my cheeks i adkd him not to then he gripped me tightly and i felt like he is touching me with more intimacy so i askd him not to as we are fasting then he touched me on private part so i again reminded him no its ramzan and kept on interrupting him meanwhile but he penetrated ( i thought he was teasing me and will stop ) but he dint stop n penetrated , meanwhile i again asked him no dnt he said i havent discharged so its ok but then he asked me to check on google and then i told penetration means breaking of fast i know n google says the same n then he continued n had discharge ( he assumed that its broken now so we can continue n i too thought the same but i wasnt agreed to break the fast with intercouse , my husband is always annoyed when i disturb him during intercourse so i was afraid too . Lastly for sure i myself did not hav any discharge. inshort i want to know what applies to me and i dint eat or drink during the day.i regretted it meanwhile as wel as later during the day as i wasnt willing to break my fast . Kindly tell what applies to me

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  • First of all just fearing your husband and not fearing to commit a sin is s bad excuse for letting this happen since this is haram. Secondly if we assume your husband or you were not aware of this sin till the moment he checked on Google you both should have stopped right away, but you then intentionally broke fast knowing that you are winning which makes the situation even worse. You shouldn't have let this happen if you were aware of the fact that any kind of interest leading to ejaculation breaks your fast. Your duty was to stop and inform him you could have intercourse after iftar
    – Medi1Saif
    Commented Apr 1 at 9:44

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You must keep 60 days of fasting for having breaking your fast due to intercourse and these 60 fasts are not included in the fasts of Ramadan I think so

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