Is it shirk if I say, 'Life hurts us all?'

Please elaborate and explain your answer very clearly. Please elaborate your answers with reference to The Quran and the hadith.

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Your question is like , is saying" he helped me" you know what i'm saying like Watch this I hope you get it;you should say Don't attribute the blessings to other things ; by saying this cured me etc...But in your heart keep in mind that it's Allah ;

say rather :"Alhamdulillah this helped me "

So yeah it's okay to say that ; cuz life is a test by Allah anyways to it's like i'm saying "the test is hard "

do you understand ,; not that i'm saying the hardship come from this & this whitout the permission of Allah ; also the prophet said that the actions are for their intentions

To sum up ; yeah it's okay ,since it's not really what you mean , in your mind you know it's Allah ; especially when you say it when reaction to something in life; but mention Allah at the end ; like alhamdulillah

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