I am looking for the arabic version(with punctuation i.e. kasrah dhummah etc) of the following lines which are used in typical khutbah. Upon google searching this transliteration I could not find it. Also where is it taken from?

Fainna khairal hadeethi kitabullah, wa khairal hadi, hadi Muhammad (saw), wa sharrul umur muhdathatuha, wa kullu bida’atin dalaala, wa kullu dalalatin finnar

For example I have seen this here and here


This is from a sermon given by the Prophet and has been recorded by various hadith compilers including in Sahih Muslim - كتاب الجمعة , باب تخفيف الصلاة والخطبة:

enter image description here

The last part in your quote وكل ضلالة في النار has been recorded by Nasai etc.

  • I don't recognize a lot of those diacritics, e.g. the last one onوَخَيْر (end of the second line) looks like a fatha combined with a damma. There's similar combinations on the third line. Is this a printing error, or just a different way of writing that I'm not familiar with? – goldPseudo Jan 24 '19 at 22:05
  • @goldPseudo I am not familiar with this style either. I think it indicates alternate diacritics, i.e. it exists with both either a fatha or a damma. See here and here. – UmH Jan 25 '19 at 6:00

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