From some day , I suddenly get a dirty thought I fight with that thought and then try to keep still but I do not know what was wrong with me it was my asr Salah time my wudu break 3 time and than I went to washroom and all of sudden my penis ejaculated I have no intention for that , I had an thought but I somehow controlled it have I done a sin ? I was addicted to mans*** and porno*** but alhamdulillah due to Allah help it is been almost 3-4 months I have not done them so is this type of ejaculation.a sin ?

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An unintentional orgasm is comparable to a wet dream. IslamWeb addresses this topic:

If the questioner is asking whether or not it is forbidden to have a wet dream while asleep, then the answer is no because the sperm comes out unintentionally.

A relevant hadith is:

... Actions are to be judged only by intentions and a man will have only what he intended. ...
Sunan Abi Dawud 2201

You'll need to to use your own judgment to decide if it's unintentional or not.

SeekersHub discusses the need to perform ghusl after a wet dream (and this would likewise apply here):

So, if a man or woman has a wet dream and he/she sees wetness/discharge they are obliged to make ghusl ...

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