During the obligatory and non-obligatory prayers (many) muslims look or focus at the point of prostration. Is there a specific reason for this ?

Are there any angles at which the worshipper can not look, less they invalidate their prayers ?

For those praying in the courtyard of the Ka'ba, is there a benefit from looking at the Ka'ba while praying, or this not recommended ?


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Looking at the point of prostration is done to avoid drifting your mind to other things while praying.

There are many things you should do for a proper prayer: * Cleansing yourself * Focusing on the prayer - This would include avoiding laughter, or signaling people to answer them * To notify someone of something during the prayer you should say: "Allhu akbar" (i.e. if the Imam counted an improper numbers of Rikahas) * Reading the Quran in a proper way * Doing the proper actions

As for looking at the Ka'ba, I am not sure.

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    Salam and welcome to Islam SE. Please consider taking our tour and checking our help center to learn more about this site. Also take your time to elaborate your answer to make it more useful see How to Answer. Also what is your evidence for saying "Allahu akbar" instead of "subhan Allah" if the Imam makes a mistake in prayer. And of course one should try his best to face the Ka'aba while praying as one is asked to pray in the direction of it!
    – Medi1Saif
    Jul 13, 2016 at 5:40

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